​Best 7 seater family cars

7 seater family cars come in different shapes and sizes. For a large family, space and comfort are top priorities as well as practicality. In this list, you’ll find a selection of modern 4x4’s, SUV’s and MPV’s.

Best 7 seater family cars

7 seater family cars come in different shapes and sizes. For a large family, space and comfort are top priorities as well as practicality and safety. In this list, you’ll find a selection of modern 4×4’s, SUV’s and MPV’s which have plenty of family-friendly features for a variety of needs.

  1. Volvo XC90 (2015-)
  2. Ford S-Max (2015-)
  3. Audi Q7 (2015-)
  4. Skoda Kodiaq (2016-)
  5. Volkswagen Touran (2015-)
  6. SEAT Alhambra MPV (2010-2016)
  7. Citroën Grand C4 Picasso MPV (2014-)
  8. Land Rover Discovery (2009-)
  9. Renault Grand Scenic (2016-)
  10. Hyundai Santa Fe (2012-

1. Volvo XC90 (2015-)

The Volvo XC90 is the 2nd generation model with updated technology which makes for a more luxurious kit and refined engine. You are likely to get good value for money for the price you pay which could be viewed as expensive. In terms of a family car, the XC90 is great for luxury, comfort and safety.

Available in 3 trim levels, most buyers opt for the entry level diesel as it is well equipped. There is an excellent hybrid option in the XC90 T8 model which does up to 35.8mpg in reality, however the official figure claims 35.3 to 1345.5 mpg. There is plenty of space for children in the most rear seats while the middle is perfect for adults and includes two ISOFIX mounting points. There are reports of software issues with the infotainment system so keep this in mind when inspecting a used car. The boot space is a reasonable 541 to 1816 litres and leather upholstery is offered as standard.

2. Ford S-Max (2015-)

The Ford S-Max is a much sportier drive compared to the Ford Galaxy which is a common 7 seater choice for Ford enthusiasts. This car is big as well as practical and all-wheel drive is an available option. It may not be as spacious as rivals such as the the Citroen C4 Picasso but it is a good all round family car.

All the 5 back seats are foldable which is a great feature which expands the boot space from 700 litres to a massive 2200 litres. The most economical version to go for is the 2.0-litre TDCi diesel. With the S-Max, you should expect around 35.8 to 56.5 mpg. This is a very safe car, with a 5 star safety rating. An ISOFIX attachment is also offered as standard.

3. Audi Q7 (2015-)

This Audi Q7 is the 2nd generation model with a slimmer exterior but bigger inside compared to its predecessor. It has a very silent engine and manages 70 mph speeds easily which bodes well for the motorway. Its main rivals are the Range Rover Sport and the BMW X5. In comparison, it does not corner well on difficult roads and it’s not as sporty as the Range Rover Sport.

In terms of fuel economy, it performs well at official figures of 39.2 to 156.9 mpg. The Q7 e-tron quattro plug-in hybrid will return a theoretical 166.1mpg and 50g/km CO2. The Q7 is another very safe car for the family with a 5 star safety rating. As with most 7 seaters in this list, it has good towing power, ideal for a caravan trip. The boot space is more than adequate with a range of 770 to 2075 litres.

4. Skoda Kodiaq (2016-)

The Skoda Kodiaq is perhaps not a true 7 seater as the most rear seats are only suitable for occasional use. However, it makes for a very large boot space of up to 2005 litres. The 7-seater range is only available as SE versions so expect plenty of tech available as standard. The Kodiaq has excellent ride and build quality. This is a very affordable family SUV which looks to be better value than Hyundai Santa Fe, also on our list.

The most popular engine is the 2.0 TDI. In terms of economy, this 7 seater does between 38.2 to 56.5 mpg. All-wheel drive is available for rainy weather with an off-road button to improve traction. This family car is quiet, easy to drive and comfortable for longer journeys so well-suited for motorway driving. It also has a 5 star safety rating, however there are no child seat mounting points as standard. The Skoda posses good towing strength with trailer assist to help with reversing a trailer up to 2200kg.

5. Volkswagen Touran (2015-)

The Volkswagen Touran is not the most stylish 7 seater on this list, especially when compared to the Citroen Grand 4 Picasso or the Renault Grand Scenic. It is however, a safe MPV with a 5 star safety rating and versatile as a 7 seater. You can slide forward and fold each seat individually which allows for flexible seating if carrying luggage. The boot space can hold up to 1857 litres. This model is based on the VW Golf so expect a high quality build and plenty of kit.

The Touran is practical and very economical to drive, with an official range of 49.6 to 65.7 mpg. The 1.6 TDI is the most fuel efficient and will return up to 67.3mpg with 111g/km of CO2. All the middle seats have ISOFIX points and you can upgrade to 5 as an option.

6. SEAT Alhambra MPV (2010-2016)

The SEAT Alhambra is a well polished, spacious, family 7 seater MPV with a quality interior. This is the 2nd generation after the original launched in 1996. It comes with sliding doors as standard and seats easily fold to the floor. It also has an impressive total of 5 ISOFIX points for all the rear seats which is great for a large family with a lot of children.

The 2.0 TDI is very economical with an average of 50.4mpg and as low as 139 g/kms in CO2 emissions. The Alhambra is another one of our cars with a 5 star safety rating. It also has an excellent safety package including seven airbags. The boot space can hold up to 2,297 litres which is better than a lot of cars on this list. Overall, the kit is impressive including self-sealing tyres reducing the chance of a flat tyre.

7. Citroën Grand C4 Picasso MPV (2014-)

The Citroën Grand C4 Picasso is an easy to drive 7-seater and perhaps one of the most stylish MPV’s you could hope for. The design strays away from the boxy, van-like models you would usually expect. Furthermore, it was crowned as the ‘MPV of the Year’ in the 2014 UK Car of the Year Awards (COTY). This is a very popular family car and there is a wide range available as used cars. Simply put, the Grand C4 Picasso is a practical, comfortable and fuel efficient 7 seater with a range of 44.8 to 74.3 mpg.
The most economical version is the 1.6 BlueHDi 100 which does 74 mpg and 99 g/kms in CO2 emissions. The interior is of high quality but the touchscreen lets it down as well as some of the interior plastics look a bit cheap. The glove-box is also very small. The middle row has 3 ISOFIX mounting points. The boot space is very large with up to 2181 litres available.

8. Renault Grand Scenic (2016-)

The Renault Grand Scenic is the most stylish MPV in its class which could rival the Citroen in looks. It also has large 20 inch wheels as standard. Overall, it has a well equipped standard spec and you can upgrade to get a bigger touchscreen. All models get touch screen navigation, dual zone climate control and a leather steering wheel. You can be sure to find some good used deals available due to higher depreciation with Renaults compared to rivals. You will also find that the Grand Scenic is better priced as new than the Ford S-Max and SEAT Alhambra.

This 7-seater is economical, with an official range of 36.7 to 80.7mpg. It’s spacious as well, with up to 2063 litres with all seats folded and rear chairs fold with a simple push of a button. It comes with three ISOFIX child seat mounts as standard in the 2nd row. There is a 1.5 dCi Hybrid Assist model available which does 81 mpg and 92g/km in CO2.

9. Land Rover Discovery 4 (2009-)

The Land Rover Discovery 4 is considered a complete family car which is more than capable off-road with a good drive position. It has more than enough space with up to 2558 litres in boot space available. However, you might find it a very bad choice as a city car as this SUV is better suited on open roads. In 2014, more efficient engines were released, a better sound system introduced and additional features.

The Discovery 4 is not a very economical option and ranges from 27.7 mpg to 36.7 mpg. The 3.0 SDV6 does up to 37mpg and 203g/km in CO2 in emissions. The weight could play a big factor as it’s very heavy in this list at over two and a half tonnes. Another excellent choice for towing, this Land Rover had two wins at the Caravan Club’s Towcar of the Year Awards in 2010.

10. Hyundai Santa Fe (2012-)

The Hyundai Santa Fe is the 3rd generation model with added style and more refined engine compared to its predecessors. It comes with three ISOFIX mounting points on the middle row seats and available as two or four wheel drive. This makes it a great choice for on or off-road driving. It also comes with Hyundai’s above industry average 5 year warranty with unlimited miles as standard.

This Hyundai is an ideal family car with strong build and good fuel economy. The 2.2 litre CRDi diesel does up to 48 mpg and 155g/km in CO2. This car has a 5 star safety rating and features include the Active Bonnet System which minimises pedestrian injuries on impact in the case of an accident. It has up to 2500kg towing power and trailer assist available. However, this 7 seater is not the most spacious in terms of load space with up to 1680 litres available.

In conclusion, this list gives you the best of the 7 seaters available for families. We have included information such as the safety ratings, the fuel economy and child friendly features such as ISOFIX mounting points. If you need more choice, search for a 7 seater using Carsnip.