Best Used BMWs

BMW is still a brand many people long to be a part of - and there’s a ton of you out there who wanted to know our best used BMW picks, so here they are.

Bavarian powerhouse BMW produce some of the world’s most desirable yet attainable cars. Over the years it has covered everything from the hatchback to the hybrid sports car of the future. BMW is still a brand many people long to be a part of and there’s a ton of you out there who wanted to know our best used BMW picks. So, without any further delay, here they are.

The ‘Something for the weekend’

BMW Z4 – Under £5,000

Affordable and fun to drive, the first generation BMW Z4 makes the perfect car to enjoy a weekend trip in. If you look in the right places, you can find a good example of this motor complete with a silky 2.5-litre straight-six-cylinder engine. This lump provides all the power you need and a gorgeous traditional soundtrack to boot. It’s not the best car BMW ever made, sure, but it’s a bargain for what it is.

BMW Z4 M 2 front view in silver

The Luxury SUV

BMW X5 – Under £10,000

It is amazing to think that for under £10,000, you can now find really great examples of the original BMW X5. Ok, it’s ugly as a pug dog, but it’s a very, very good SUV. What makes it special is that it was available with a stunning 4.8-litre petrol V8 engine. It will drink fuel with haste, and, as we’ve hinted, it has a face only a mother could love, but if you’re after a luxury SUV at a bargain price you’ll struggle to find better.

BMW X5 front view in silver

The Hot Hatch

BMW M135i – Under £20,000

We could have set this price point even lower, but the selection of the excellent M135i hot hatches on sale at under £20,000 is excellent. There are just some things you need to make your own mind up about. What makes this car special is the pumping 3.0-litre turbo straight-six engine under the bonnet, a rarity in a hot hatch. Almost too much clout is generated – and it’s all sent to the rear wheels. But it can be a relaxed, powerful cruiser as well as a tail-happy hot-hatch if you try. Yes folks, it’s versatile, engaging, and unique.

BMW M135i F21 rear view in blue

The Motorway Cruiser

BMW 320d – Under £15,000

The BMW 3-series is one of the most popular small saloon cars out on the road, and has an exceptional reputation for being good to drive, comfortable, and efficient. The best balance of the 3-series is found in the ‘320d’ variant, powered by a 2.0-litre turbo diesel engine that can return figures of up to 60mpg, while also delivering decent performance. Best mated to BMW’s exceptional eight-speed automatic, this is the perfect set-of-wheels for long motorway journeys. It is tTruly excellent value at under £15,000.

BMW 320d front view

The Performance Car

BMW M4 – Under £35,000

The amount of performance you can get for under £35,000 in the BMW M4 is simply staggering. The powerful turbocharged six-cylinder unit gives you heaps of muscle under your right foot, and the way it corners and grips is mind-bending. This is a motor that can compete with just about anything else on the road for driving enjoyment. And it comes with all the normal BMW 4-series luxuries you’d expect. iT’S A Brilliant, brilliant car at an excellent price.

BMW M4 side view in white

OUR PICK: ‘The BMW Experience’

BMW 330i Saloon – Under £12,000

If you’re after the real BMW experience, you’ll need a petrol six-cylinder engine that is sadly becoming a thing of the past. Modern technology and laws deem a four-cylinder the way to go, but BMWs should be graced with a good six-pot, and a 2011 3-series saloon with a 3.0-litre petrol engine is the way to go. Great value, great performance, and the soundtrack the BMW engineers always wanted you to have.

BMW 3 Series front view in brown

Carsnip’s editorial chief, Tim Barnes-Clay, says: I love Bimmers. They’re beautiful cars and carry loads of cachet, wherever in the world you go. I’d have any one of the above machines in a heartbeat. Yes, even the pug-ugly old X5. We’ve loads of BMWs for you to choose from on Carsnip, so dive in – go on. Treat yourself. Bimmers rock. And, no, I’m not biased. Well, not much..

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