Top 5 Grand Tourers (Driving to Monaco)

It's Friday morning in Chelsea and try as you might, you can't find a first-class flight to Nice. Your yachting weekend in Monaco is ruined unless you find another way.

There is around 15 hours of driving from Chelsea to Monaco. If you want to arrive in style, with ample luggage and a significant other, you need a special kind of car.

You need a Grand Tourer.

Designed to cruise effortlessly across countries, these marques are equally happy on the Autobahn or a winding Alpine road.

Here are our Top 5 Grand Tourers

Aston Martin DB9 White

Aston Martin DB9

Find your inner James Bond in this V12 bullet train. The Aston will get you to Monaco fast, in a uniquely British style. Just avoid any potholes as the ride is firm to say the least.

Fuel capacity – 78 litres
Prices start at £33k.


Bentley Continental all black

Bentley Continental GT

The Continental has a thunderous W12 engine upfront and it needs it; the big bruiser tips the scales well over 2 metric tons. Add BP shares to your portfolio before your trip to offset those fuel costs.

Fuel capacity – 90 litres
Prices start from £26k.


Ferrari F12

Ferrari F12berlinetta

Find new lows in fuel economy with the F12’s lightning performance. Its stop start system seems like an exercise in futility as soon as you leave the traffic lights. A price worth paying, because its naturally aspirated performance is unrivalled.

Fuel capacity – 92 litres
Don’t expect much change from £200k.


Maserati GranTurismo

Maserati GranTurismo

Undeniably gorgeous, the GranTurismo shares the same V8 engine platform as the Ferrari 430 and 458. It can also ferry 4 adults along for that fantastic soundtrack.

Fuel capacity – 86 litres
Prices start from £33k.


Nissan Skyline GTR white at dusk

Nissan GTR

Unphased by brand snobbery? Then the GTR is the car for you. An exercise in technical wizardry, its performance flatters even the most novice of drivers. With just a 3.8-litre V6 upfront, you’ll also be stopping less for fuel.

Fuel capacity – 71 litres
Prices start from £32k.



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