Hyundai Kona (2017) Review

by Tim Barnes-Clay


Overall user rating


Looks very like the Arona, but it is the Kona, a very funky SUV which are all the rage. Lots of room in front and back with tons of headroom, but despite not having the biggest boot in the world it will cover all the standard families' needs, and with 4 wheel drive it will be able to pull whatever you are pulling or get you across the fields if that's your thing. Quite a sharp looking car, considering its a small SUV and comes with all the refinements - Sat-nav, leather and a place to connect your all-important phone for your favourite tunes.


  • Sharp Looking
  • Decent Headroom
  • Good Standard Kit


  • Slow Off The Mark
  • Ubiquitous Image
  • Small Boot

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