Dan Goodfellow speaking about his first week joining the Carsnip Marketing team

We peak behind the curtain...

Dan Goodfellow joined Carsnip as Head of Digital at the start of March. Speaking here with Commercial Director, Philip White, they discuss what Dan’s initial thoughts are to the platform, and the areas of excitement that lead Dan to take on the challenge, after moving away from dealer side marketing with Inchcape. 

What are you excited about when joining Carsnip? 

There were a couple of things that excited me about Carsnip, even before considering working at the company. Having met the original co-founders a few years ago I knew how forward thinking the company is, and more importantly how invested they were personally in the success of Carsnip. The management team is not simply looking to make a “quick buck”, but are rather more invested in adding real value to the automotive industry. Having now started working here I can see that the hunger for success is still there, if not even greater, and there is a real freedom to mould a product offering that is the right solution for the customer and dealer alike. 

What do you think will be most beneficial to bring to Carsnip from your time in dealerships? 

I joined Carsnip after leaving Inchcape, a multi-national dealer group, and only a few weeks in I am already seeing the benefit of that experience. From understanding how the automotive calendar works around plate changes, and how that affects all aspects of a dealers marketing budget, to the massively varied digital knowledge and skills within the industry. 

I’m also really looking forward to seeing how the industry works from an agency perspective. Whilst it was a great experience to work for Inchcape, it was very insular and perhaps a slightly sheltered view of the industry. Already in my time at Carsnip I have been speaking to small independent dealers right up to large nationwide groups, and getting that cross section of the industry is really going to help me make this role a success! 

What is the most exciting item in the plan for the next 6 months? 

Firstly I must say that limiting this to one thing is really hard, as I know what is in the pipeline! Perhaps the most interesting one for me, and possibly the most important for Carsnip, is a new development we’re bringing to the Carsnip user journey; car detail pages. The reason it is the most exciting for me is that it will benefit both the customer and dealer alike. The implementation of car details pages on the search engine will provide the customer with more information about the car on our site, and will help them narrow down the search for their perfect car, which in turn will give the dealer(s) the most targeted and best quality traffic with the user already being able to do all the research they need. More information up front for the customer and better CPA for the dealer is a win win! 

What is your priority as you join the Carsnip team? 

As well as ensuring a smooth and successful launch of the Car Pages project, my main focus is to manage the rollout of Carsnip’s new service; Premium Plus. This product has been in testing for a number of months now and every test run has proven incredibly successful. The Premium Plus package includes our Cross Domain Tracking which allows the client to see the performance of a click right from the initial ad and acquisition channel, right through Carsnip, and onto their website. This level of knowledge is unprecedented and will allow the dealer to know which ads are performing best through multiple channels allowing each ad or feed to be turned up or down depending on the source of the traffic. For us to be able to provide that level of insight and clarity to the customer is amazing and not something that I personally have ever come across before. Very excited to get this rolled out to an already growing number of dealers interested in taking it up. 

Most importantly, what is your favourite car?

Easily the hardest question of the interview! Had you asked me a few years ago my answer would always have been the Maserati Granturismo…I mean, come on, what a beautiful car! However, I am now a family man and need something a little more practical. So, the obvious answer is the Lamborghini Urus 🙂

About Carsnip
Carsnip is the UK’s largest used car search engine, with over 500,000 dealer sold used cars across the UK. We operate a natural language search engine, to help you find your perfect used car, and narrow down the choice by what’s most important to you.

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