Carsnip supports traffic acquisition strategy for Toomey Motor Group during tough economic times

Carsnip recently caught up with one of our clients, Henry Howell at Toomey Motor Group, to discuss how business is playing out for them so far in 2020. Toomey Motor Group is a multi-site franchised group in Essex stocking around 500 vehicles across 8 brands.


We wanted to know how Toomey were using Carsnip as part of their wider traffic and SEO strategy. Henry, Group Marketing Manager said “Carsnip approached us with a sensible business model – if consumers are in the market and using the Carsnip site, and we are able to buy some of this traffic at a reasonable cost per click in relation to our Google and Social advertising, then I want to be in front of those consumers at as many times as possible across our whole strategy.”

Although Toomey operates a large and diverse mix of digital strategies, Henry was not concerned that there would be any crossover; Henry commented, “Usually we would avoid paying for other display placements on sites because the Google Display Network provides so much coverage; and an intelligent in-market audience, so it’s hard to compete. However this is an entirely different approach; Carsnip’s consumers are actually browsing my vehicle listing and clicking on my cars with a purchase intent – much the same as Autotrader but at 40p per view rather than a set price for every car per month!”

Henry went on to say that it’s important to interact and get brand awareness across a multitude of channels and networks as a way of strengthening brand awareness and brand recall; “I only pay for them to come through to our site via a different medium to Google display or Remarketing (granted they are interacting with us through these channels as well) – from then on it’s the Toomey Group sites job to convert these customers and we are in control.”

When asked whether he would recommend Carsnip to other dealer groups, Henry commented, “Carsnip ask you to pay for relevant traffic to [visit] your cars, and I can’t logically see how they can fail to do this. I’m happy to add it to our multi-channel strategy, and would recommend anyone else looking to increase their website traffic to use Carsnip also.

If you are interested to learn more about our work with Toomey Motor Group, or would like to hear about our products and services, please email and one of our account managers will be in touch.

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