Safe and Sound Partner up with Carsnip

Safe and Sound, the ultimate car warranty company, have now partnered up with us to maximise car sales within the dealer network

In an exclusive initiative which is promoting its rapidly growing dealer network to millions of in-market buyers each month, Safe and Sound have partnered up with us, the UK’s largest used car search engine.

Although any car dealer can be included in our organic stock within the Carsnip search engine, being a safe and sound dealership now means that their car adverts will appear at the top of all relevant searches, these searches are funded by the parent company WMS Group, which is committed to maximising the enquiries for their car dealerships.

The partnership, which came into force last month, has already achieved outstanding results having generated over 20,000 clicks to Safe and Sound dealers’ stock listings. Several dealers have also confirmed that the traffic from Carsnip has been responsible for ‘significant increases’ in sales volumes, compared to previous years. 

John Colinswood, WMS Group’s Managing Director, said:
“We believe that this partnership is an excellent move, which will only further strengthen our position in the warranty sector. Carsnip have revolutionised the car buying process and with stock free to advertise on the organic search model, it’s a win-win for dealerships.”

“Our core objective is to deliver a tangible uplift in vehicle and product sales for our network, which is why we are funding these premium advertising positions. Safe and Sound dealers now have a wide range of unique advantages over their competitors to optimise their profits. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”

The Unique Car Search Engine – ‘Google for cars’

Here at Carsnip, we connect buyers and sellers faster by taking potential customers straight to the vehicle listing on the dealer’s website. We recently passed the milestone of having over 800,000 used cars listed – which is double our leading competitor. Now with hundreds of dealers signed up to our incredibly powerful and cost-effective premium Pay-Per-Click Platform we are sending significant “traffic with intent” (people who are actually looking to buy a car) directly to car dealers pages, this is backed by our own growth rate which is 50% month on month through our partner network and marketing campaigns.

Alastair Campbell, CEO of Carsnip, said:
“Teaming up with Safe and Sound is already proving to be a real boost for dealers and car buyers, and we are delighted to be working with them as our sole warranty partner. Our partnership will give customers confidence that the cars they find through Carsnip won’t let them down.”