Why we love Wheeler Dealers

I’m a big fan of vehicle restoration shows. Many are made across the pond with audacious big budget builds of exceptional cars.

However here’s why I think our very own Wheeler Dealers are the best in the business.

Real cars

It isn’t a show about cars you can only dream of. With some exceptions the majority of the cars featured can be bought and owned by everyone.

And the passion for the cars shines through in Mike and Ed regardless if it’s a £400 Capri or a £45,000 Corvette.


The audience isn’t spared the details, each stage of the buy and build is given a clear commentary.

Swapping out the old points ignition for an electronic distributor, Ed tells you why. Bleeding the brakes, Ed tells you how.

Searching for the same car? Mike tells you the issues to be aware of with the model and where to find them.

No drama

Have you ever seen Ed swear? Does Mike storm around the workshop ranting about costs or how long a job is taking?

No, they’re professionals so there’s no nonsense and no reality TV attempts to inject artificial tension and unrealistic deadlines.

I do wonder though if there is an outtake real of Ed swearing, I mean some of those cars deserved a bit of profanity.

The small businesses

For every other car there’s a man in a shed or a little engineering firm that can do a unique repair or improvement at a reasonable price. These specialists and enthusiasts keep old cars alive, hats off to those heroes.

The dynamic duo

Ed’s expertise to fix almost any car or Mike’s charismatic ability to drive a hard bargain alone wouldn’t make a show. But with their powers combined we’ve had 12 years and over 100 cars put back to their best.

So hold out your hand and tune into Wheeler Dealers new episodes, Monday at 9pm on Discovery.