The 12 days of Lockdown

As coronavirus cases across the UK continue to rise, and scientists warn that over half a million people are getting infected a week, a national lockdown has been announced and will begin on Thursday 5 November.

The prime minister reported at a press conference on Saturday 31 October that a second national lockdown was required to stop the NHS from being overwhelmed and that there was no alternative. 

For the automotive industry -classified as ‘non-essential retail’ – this means closing the doors to showrooms again. Pubs, bars, restaurants also will join the group of non-essential retail across the nation which will also close from Thursday, and people will be told to stay at home unless they have a specific reason to leave, whilst schools, colleges and nurseries will remain open.

What about Car Buyers?

As this news is not a total surprise, unlike when the first lockdown came into effect in March 2020, Car Dealers have built up a number of resilient measures, allowing them to continue to serve the needs of buyers, remotely and online. 

Car dealers have developed a number of resilient Covid measures allowing them to cope with lockdowns whilst still being able to serve the demands of buyers. Many dealers have embraced technology, and have been able to apply it to the car buying journey, supporting the transportation needs of many, including key workers and emergency forces. 

What to expect during this lockdown?

Whilst rules and restrictions are yet to be confirmed by government officials, car dealers are preparing a number of ways to support your needs: 

  • Remote video conferencing for looking around a car. Many dealers have embraced communication apps such as Zoom, FaceTime and Whatsapp to allow you to remotely get a tour of your vehicle and ask questions as if you were there with a real sales representative. 
  • Click and Collect – Whilst this model is yet to be confirmed, many dealers have already embraced this new way of selling and handing over vehicles. Showrooms have invested substantially in PPE, Covid secure collection points, and increased cleaning and car valeting measures. 
  • Click and Deliver – this is expected to be allowed under the new lockdown rules, meaning you can fully transact online and over the phone with a real sales representative, and then have your vehicle delivered straight to your door. This way of buying a new car has been tested by many larger car brands and supermarkets, and these lockdown measures will only increase the uptake of this type of seamless transaction. 

Surviving Lockdown

At times of unprecedented economic struggle, it is important to support independent businesses and those with less cash reserve and financial grounding. Carsnip is therefore investing in our Premium dealers, showcasing one dealer for the first 12 days of lockdown.

Whilst we all continue to look towards Christmas and the hope of a relatively normal Christmas, we are launching a 12 days of Lockdown campaign. 

This showcase will run across our Facebook and Instagram accounts and will draw attention to the hottest deals and best ways to connect and transact with our Premium dealerships. 

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