What we bought in December 2020

What we bought in December 2020

December brought to a close perhaps one of the strangest years in many of our lifetimes. We experienced the full force of a worldwide pandemic, were instructed to shield in our homes and not go out, and who can even remember what it feels like to go to the pub for a drink – we can’t! 

2020 was a turbulent year for the used car market. Prices and valuations overall held their level, but on the foreout things weren’t quite the same. The market was flooded by finance repossessions from people who cancelled or defaulted their agreements, ex-company cars flooding the used car market, as well as people who realised they simply didn’t need a car to be in lockdown for months on end. 

Carsnip is the UK’s biggest Car-specific search engine. Similarly to Google, buyers can come and browse from over 450,000 dealer-listed cars on our platform. In December, the top three manufacturers were Vauxhall (21%), Ford (7%) and Volkswagen (7%). For Brits, these brands are perhaps not so surprising, and always feature on our top-searched manufacturers month after month. But perhaps more surprisingly, premium brands Audi and BMW have also risen to 4th and 5th position respectively. As we see the effects of lockdowns, and how covid changed our car buying plans, people have been more active looking at premium models. Perhaps aspirational sofa-surfing, or perhaps a realisation that they want to spend more money on the important things in life – Cars, house, etc – and less on takeaways and pub trips? 


The buyer behaviour on Carsnip shows a real favour for Vauxhall. Incredibly, the top 5 models buyers clicked on Carsnop during December all features on the Vauxhall portfolio. In order of search activity, Corsa (16%), Astra (9%), Crossland X (9%), Mokka X (7%) and Insignia (7%). 

Almost half of all search activity (where buyers used the filter tools on carsnip.com) were for Vauxhall models. 

Other buyer behaviour on Carsnip showed a preference for Black, Red and Blue cars, and over 75% of buyers searched for an Automatic! 

If you are in the market for a used car, or just want to browse to see what’s available, set up a Carsnip Car Alert that will notify you when new stock is added. Head over to our search engine here, change the filters to what you’re interested in, and select ‘Get Free Alerts’.


About Carsnip
Carsnip is the UK’s largest used car search engine, with over 500,000 dealer sold used cars across the UK. We operate a natural language search engine, to help you find your perfect used car, and narrow down the choice by what’s most important to you.

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