It’s a Motoring Merry Christmas!

It’s a Motoring Merry Christmas!

It’s that time of year again; the time when everyone sits down and stares blankly at the screen in front of them thinking desperately what they might buy for the motoring enthusiast in their life – (We all have one, there’s no shame)! These individuals can be notoriously hard to buy for, because they have all the car cleaning products they could ever want (entire cupboard-fulls in some cases), and well, they might want a new performance exhaust system but no one wants to try and wrap 6 feet of metal pipework in Christmas paper!

So what other things might make them smile when they open their gift on the big day? Read on to see some of our suggestions for a range of budgets; and yes we admit that some of the items listed here may be more for humorous purposes than actual suggestions!*

Note: The contents of this article is for entertainment only. Carsnip is not affiliated with any of the companies or products below, and we receive no consideration for any purchases made through the links we provide.

The MINI Lunchbox

Did you read our article last week singing the praises of the Mini Cooper Convertible? Maybe you went out and bought one from one of our partner Dealerships, or maybe the intended recipient has been a lifelong MINI fan. Either way, what better way to show the world your love of this Iconic British car than with a MINI logo emblazoned striped lunchbox. Show your colleagues at the lunch table that you are a motoring enthusiast; with a colourful streak to boot!

Available now from the MINI shop for just £12.00, along with all sorts of other interesting MINI logo’d toys and gadgets.

Sunday Drive Canvas

Maybe a lunchbox isn’t quite the gift you were looking for, and what the motoring enthusiast in your life really needs is a canvas to brighten up their home office/lockdown bar project (lots more of us than will admit it have had a go at this one!) / bedroom, or even bathroom? – we don’t judge! As motoring-related canvases go this one caught our eye because of the neat and clean simplicity of the image (and of course who doesn’t like a metal flake green Mercedes AMG GTS?) Declare your love for a Sunday Drive by hanging this proudly for all to see, and then when sunday rocks around go outside and get in your motor (we don’t care what it is, a fun drive is a fun drive after all) and enjoy the day!

Available now from the CarThrottle shop from £39.99, along with various other trinkets and apparel.

Lego TECHNIC Lamborghini Sián

Maybe the motorist in your life is more keen on models and building things than looking at canvases (or eating lunch?). Well if this sounds like the case then look no further; because BEHOLD the Lamborghini Sián from Lego TECHNICs. 3696 pieces of pure enjoyment to put together – (and potentially keep someone busy for 12-36 hours if that’s your goal)!

This stunning 1:8 model of the Sián has “authentic features including the 8-speed transmission, activated by the movable paddle gearshift, V12 engine with moving pistons, and 4-wheel drive. Use the steering wheel to position the car, then check out the front and rear suspension!”

We wouldn’t recommend losing any of those tiny little pieces though!

Available now from the Lego shop for the princely sum of £349.99; although as models go there are few that you can build yourself that are better, trust us.

Porsche 911 Soundbar

Have you been reading everything so far and thinking – these are all nice ideas, but actually I want to spend much more money? Well if so then boy do we have the answer for you! If the motorist in your life is also a bit of an audiophile, ten maybe what they really need to finish off their new games room/lockdown bar/bathroom? (again, we don’t judge!) is the Black Edition 911 Soundbar by Porsche Design.

This is a limited run product (911 will be made, of course!) featuring 200 watts of sound power, a 2.1 virtual surround system and Dolby Digital. Look no further for a product that satisfies both the requirement of playing music, and causing you to explain to everyone who visits why there is part of an exhaust system on your mantelpiece.

It sure is pretty though, and from the specs should be an incredible speaker to boot. Maybe the motorist recipient could play exhaust noises through it for the full experience!

Available now from the Porsche shop for just £2,950.00! (Just don’t forget to take the price tag off)!

Goodwool Custom Car Shell

And now, if the sounder above doesn’t float your motorist-inspired Christmas boat, behold the last word in “useless but so cool that I still might sacrifice a kidney to get one!” – the Custom Car Shell from Goodwool.

These are currently for indoor use only, although the Goodwool website does say that an outdoor version is in development for 2021. The product is a bespoke, tailor made car cover for your specific vehicle that resembles the car underneath. Show off your pride and joy whilst protecting it from the dust that collects inside your pristine show garage! (Seriously, I can’t actually think of a time when this product would actually be ‘needed’ as in indoor-only cover, but I sure as hell want one anyway!

Each cover is made from pure wool and technical fibre in Italy, with love and adulation, poured into each example. A labour of love if you will – and the perfect gift for the person that has absolutely everything else!

Available now direct from Goodwool – but prices are bespoke and by enquiry only. If you get one though, be sure to let us know so that we can be envious!

If like us, you love the item but think it may be a tad too pricey; you can also follow their Instagram page to drool over them whilst we do! @GoodwoolOfficial

We hope that you now have some ideas to help you in your quest for the perfect motoring related gift for the motorist in your life; but if you have any suggestions or questions then let us know on our social made pages:

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From all of us here at Carsnip we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. See you in 2021!

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