Dreaming of a Supercar?

Dreaming of a Supercar?

When we were young, we used to sit and dream about the cars from the bedroom wall posters, magazine’s, TV and film. Then we learnt to drive, and the harsh reality started to set in that whilst we all know driving is some of the best fun you can have; most of us are never going to fortunate enough to own one of those cars we grew up dreaming of.

Our latest competition at Carsnip offers you the chance to win a dream day for 2 at a track day driving in 2 different supercars of your choice.

All you have to do is LIKE our track day post, FOLLOW our Insta page, and TAG the person you would take with you to an afternoon of high-performance thrills!

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Let’s take a look at what you could win!

BMW i8

BMW i8

Image from motor1.com

First up on the roster; the new-age, newfangled HYBRID POWERED BMW i8. This was one of the first properly ‘finished’ performance hybrids, and boy does it pack a punch. From the sleek lines of the outside, to the stunning interior and the beautifully balanced feel – it was engineered by BMW’s M division after all – it will definitely be the highlight of your week! (Or year; this is 2020 after all!)

Headline figures:

  • 0-60 – 4.4 seconds
  • 356 bhp (from the petrol engine and electric motors)
  • Top Speed – 155 mph (limited)

Forget about the past. Live in the now with the BMW i8; win our competition and give it a try!

Audi R8 V10 Plus

Audi R8 AA front view in red

After something a little more old-school? Something with a little more grunt, and a little more noise? Then what about the Audi R8 – a true petrolhead dream drive. With huge gaping air tunnels at the side, 4 wheel drive, and and engine in the middle (where it should be in a trackway car after all) do you really have to look any further for an exciting option?

Headline figures:

  • 0-60 – 3.5 seconds
  • 540 bhp
  • Top Speed – 198 mph

Go wide or go home, in Audi’s flagship stunner!

Nissan GT-R

Nissan GTR

Image carmagazine.co.uk

And finally, the trackway Daddy. No recommendation list for track-work would be complete without mentioning Godzilla itself, the mighty Nissan GT-R. Tyres filled with Nitrogen? Check. One of the fastest 0-60 times on the open market? Check again. The most exhilarating way to get very quickly from the start line to the finish flag? You tell us! But we think third time’s the charm.

Headline figures:

  • 0-60 – 2.7 seconds!
  • 565 bhp
  • Top Speed – 196 mph

If you can still breathe after a full-throttle launch, you better shout about it from the rooftops (or the car window on the way home)!

There are many more car options on offer, including some absolute gems from the likes of Aston Martin, Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini; but with over 30 cars to choose from in total at 63 different locations* you better enter quick to be in with the chance of winning!

*Different cars are available at different locations; email marketing@carsnip.com for further details.



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