What Did We Buy in September?

Do you ever sit back and wonder where this year has gone? Trump’s third year as President of America, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle step down from the Royal Family, and Covid has now been with them for 10 months since it was first identified by the world health organisation in China on 7th January. 

And now, we’re already in September, with the countdown to Christmas looming as retailers prepare the isles, and the new car registration passing for the final time this year. 

This month, we’re starting something a little new. Our inhouse car enthusiasts are looking back over the last month, sifting through thousands of adverts from our dealer partners, and looking across millions of data lines, to find the most popular car from our search engine users. 

We’re looking at the top trends from all searches and purchases in September, and this month there are particular surprises from what makes and models we liked, changes in the type of fuel we prefer, and what colour is hottest (it may surprise you!)

Let’s start with the highlights; buyers on Carsnip looked at over 8 million car adverts last month. 

From this huge number of adverts, the most popular Manufacturers that buyers searched for were BMW, Volkswagen and Audi. As of today, these awesome Manufacturers collectively make up over 118,000 of the total 430,200 adverts on our platform. 

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The top brands move around a lot, as our tastes and interests change. Here, the car make with the most interest was BMW at 14%, followed by Volkswagen at 13.6%.

And what about our taste in colour? The top 6 most popular paintworks in September still had some of our long term favourites, and a few you might not expect. In order of September popularly,  the colours ran White, Blue, Black, Grey, Red, and Silver.

Finally, the data in September shows our opinions on fuel type. As Britain prepares to go green, the Government recently announced that they are bringing forward it’s ban on new petrol and diesel vehicles from 2040 to 2030 – just a mere 10 years away! Ministers are understood to have settled on the more ambitious goal of 2030 after being assured by consultants that the UK’s infrastructure will be able to cope – we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Tesla Model S x3 all charging

Petrol and Diesel are still in the top two positions, but standard hybrid is closing in fast. Perhaps understandably (due to cost, consumer confidence, and limiting features such as range and charging opportunities) Electric falls some way behind hybrid technology. 

Read further with our articles on The Confusing World of Hybrid Vehicles, and Cars That Really Are ‘Current’, where we run down our chosen of electric cars you can find on Carsnip. 



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