How Covid changed our car-buying plans

How Covid changed our car-buying plans

As we all look at 2020 in the rearview mirror, you could be forgiven for assuming that all is going to be normal for 2021. Well, perhaps not! But there certainly is an air of optimism, despite the January 2021 lockdown in full swing. Looking back at 2020, the automotive industry stood its ground for the great part, and buyers were as supportive as ever.  

A study during the late part of 2020 on behalf of Kwik Fit surveyed 2,000 UK drivers who suggested that the country is relatively split between those who are less likely to purchase another car in the coming 12 months and those who are more likely to change their car in the coming 12 months.

After both 2020 lockdowns (number 1 in March and lockdown 2 in November), the used car market consistently saw fast-moving activity from pent up demand in the weeks that followed. However, this demand did not reach the expectations of everyone, as the survey suggested as many as 7.5 million drivers are less likely to buy a new or used car than before covid disruption started. 

On the flip side, the report found that around 6.4 million car owners are now more likely to change their car in the coming year; of which 49% plan to buy a used car. 

Carsnip has covered a lot of articles on electric and hybrid vehicle in the last year, ahead of government plans to phase out new sales of petrol and diesel cars, but buyers don’t seem to be so confident yet. In the survey on behalf of Kwit Fit, only 8% of respondents said that their next purchase would be an electric vehicle. 

Check out our Insights Report: What We Bought In December 2020 to see the trends of buyers on Carsnip. 

The main reasons for buyers being shy to warm up to electric vehicles seem to be a mixture of poor infrastructure for charging – 37% of respondents cited – concerns over driving range capacity (35%) and fears that the price point is too high (33%). 

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