Why use Carsnip to find your next used car?

Why use Carsnip to find your next used car? 

Reading articles about which is the best car search website for finding used cars can be a bit daunting, particularly as your experiences as a driver and a buyer can be wildly different based on what you are looking for. 

With lessons learned in 2020, the car dealers, and indeed the majority of the automotive industry, have had to adapt and change to suit the needs of buyers who can now only search and transact online. Due to restrictions imposed during the Covid 19 pandemic, car dealers across the UK have been forced to close for multiple periods of time. This left hole in the buying process for many car dealers – the forecourt visit! 

Search Cars on the biggest dedicated Car Search Engine 

Buying used cars online has become more familiar in the last few years with the emergence of brands like Cazoo. But how do you find the right car for you? And when you have picked the car you like, how do you ensure that you have definitely picked the best option available; you don’t want any doubt or uncertainty overshadowing such a large purchase!

At Carsnip, we offer over 430,000 cars – and we only list used and pre-registered cars from registered UK Car Dealers (never private sellers). This means you can find comfort in the fact that you can browse every single car that is available – you don’t get this comfort from platforms like Autotrader or heycar because they have much fewer vehicles available. 

  Buyers Benefit: As of January 2021, Carsnip has 441,567, Autotrader has 435,680 and CarGurus has 309,818

The other benefit of using Carsnip is that we are simple to use! Just like Google has become the most used search engine in the world due to its simplicity and reach, we are on a mission to do the same for car buying. When you find an advert on Carsnip that you like, you can click the image and you will be redirected straight to the dealer’s website who is selling that car! 

  Buyers Benefit: When you find a car through Carsnip you are linked directly to the same car on the dealer’s website. On other car search sites, you are often redirected to the homepage and have to find the car again. How frustrating! 

Carsnip Vs Autotrader Speed Test 

Carsnip offers a simple and easy to use the platform to find your next used car. We ran a speed test against Auto Trader to see how quickly you can search and find a car, check it out below.

Why Use Carsnip to find our next used car? 

  • The biggest search engine dedicated to used cars 
  • Only dealer listed cars
  • Easy to search – used our ‘Google’ style search bar to get started! 
  • Don’t miss a single car! Set up as many free car alerts as you want, and we’ll email you each time new stock is added. 
  • Connect directly with the dealership’s website
  • No distractions – we don’t push finance, warranty or insurance at you – we know it can be frustrating when you are browsing! 

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About Carsnip
Carsnip is the UK’s largest used car search engine, with over 500,000 dealer sold used cars across the UK. We operate a natural language search engine, to help you find your perfect used car, and narrow down the choice by what’s most important to you.

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