​Best Used Automatic Cars

Automatic cars can be less hassle to drive, especially around town or in traffic. Modern automatic vehicles have improved on the lower fuel economy of earlier automatics, making them an attractive choice for many.

Mercedes C Class Coupe (2011-2016)

The Mercedes C Class Coupe is an upmarket two-door vehicle which is similarly styled to the saloon (although it’s 42mm longer). Also, all models in the Coupe range come with the AMG Sport pack, which lowers the springs by 15mm compared to the saloon.

First launched in 2001, the C Class Coupe has been through several generations, and stands as a strong alternative to the likes of the BMW 3 Series Compact. It’s a car with a fresh look, an impressive luxury interior and great performance.

There’s a good range of versions available across the C Class Coupe range, whether petrol, diesel or AMG tuned. Representing the entry level vehicle is the Sport, and at the high end are the C43 and C63 models, which are AMG tuned.

There’s a few automatics to choose from, which offer excellent performance. The C350 model is a seven-speed automatic with a 3.5-litre engine and 272bhp. The more recent diesel automatic will allow you to get a nine-speed gearbox, which is a better choice against the older model. Bear in mind though that the automatic has paddle-shifters, which may take some getting used to.

The automatic is a particularly good choice because of the placement of the parking brake in this car – it’s operated via a foot pedal. This can make hill starts challenging in the manual.

Audi TT (2006-14)

Initially launched in 1998, the Audi TT is an iconic vehicle which has proved enduringly popular. There’s a huge variety of options available when looking for a used TT, including fantastic automatic variants.

A slight facelift was given to the TT in 2010, which made some design tweaks as well as introducing a 2.0-litre TFSI engine, which delivered better fuel economy than previous models.

An automatic six-speed gearbox is available on the TT, and on the S Tronic model, a dual clutch auto gearbox makes for a great driving experience. Many of the automatic TTs come with 19-inch alloy wheels and responsive LED headlights as standard, and there’s a choice between rear wheel or Quattro all-wheel drive on the automatic TT.

This is a great choice for a used automatic car in part thanks to the interior – you’ll be swathed in plush luxury he moment you sit down in a TT, and the premium nature of the brand really shines through.

SEAT Leon DSG (2012-)

The SEAT Leon DSG is a fairly compact city car which is based on the Volkswagen Golf – and looks like a more stylish version of it. First introduced in 1999, the Mk3 was launched in 2012 and has proved enduringly popular.

Owned by Volkswagen Group, many brands under the parent company also utilise the same automatic gearbox technology, such as Audi and Skoda.

It’s a particularly attractive proposition as an automatic vehicle. Its seven-speed twin clutch DSG gearbox performs excellently, and the automatic model is available in both petrol and diesel. There’s a good variety of engines to choose from with automatic transmissions, as only the 1.4-litre is limited to a manual transmission. Older models of the Leon, which are available for very competitive process on the used market, have six speed automatic gearboxes, which can feel slightly clunky compared to the recent seven-speed.

A raft of standard safety features such as traction control, excellent brakes, front, side and curtain airbags also makes an automatic Leon an appealing choice.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Auto (2015)

The Discovery Sport is Land Rover’s replacement for the Freelander, and was launched in 2015. It’s at the higher end of the price spectrum of this list, but even the used models deliver premium quality and sophistication.

For a larger and more luxurious automatic vehicle, the Land Rover Discovery Sport Auto has a 2.0-litre diesel engine and is available as a 180bhp version with a nine-speed automatic transmission. An extension of the Land Rover Discovery line, the Sport Auto offers more luxury and comfort than the standard Discovery, whilst retaining near-unbeatable off-road ability.

The automatic model utilises a swift automatic gearbox which is capable of block changing, rather than shifting in sequence, which means that it offers more power than the manual. Additionally, the gear changes are smooth and hardly noticeable, giving it an advantage over the manual.

This is a four-wheel drive vehicle which can compete with the BMW and Audi SUVs in terms of comfort, whilst delivering off-road ability. Its Terrain Response Control system makes for excellent off-road control, and practical elements like seven seats and the ability to tow 2200kg mean that this automatic vehicle is not just comfortable, but a genuine workhorse too, with plenty of space for passengers and luggage.

From workhorses like the Land Rover through to compact vehicles and luxurious, premium coupes, there is now a great range of used automatic cars to choose from at a range of appealing prices.

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