What are the ​Best Cars For Learner Drivers?

When looking for the best car for a learner driver, you are looking for simplicity and low running costs. We list the top 5 used cars which deliver on all of these things.

Fiat 500 (2014-)

The Fiat 500 is a perfect car for learner drivers, appealing for its character and value. Not only is this a fun car to drive, it also appeals to the emotions of the driver as it’s an interpretation of an old original, and the design reflects this. Fiat have even managed to make the car bigger inside while still retaining the retro look.

This updated version scores high on safety and is very easy to drive, perfect for a learner. The Fiat 500 is compact and handles really well. It also has an option to lighten the steering which makes practising parallel parking a lot easier. The narrow dimensions of the Fiat 500 also make it good for slipping through gaps, and therefore allow learner drivers to feel more confident on the roads.

The space in the Fiat 500 is perfect for a learner and a passenger, but there isn’t much space for rear passengers and the boot space is quite small. The Fiat 500 comes with a 1.2 litre engine as standard, which is plenty for a learner driver.

The Fiat 500 comes with a vast choice in extras, which allow you to add to the character of the car even more. These include retro style alloy wheels and paint styles to mimic styles from the 1970’s.


Ford Fiesta (2008-)

The Ford Fiesta is brilliantly suited to learner drivers as it is fun to drive, great value for money, and relatively cheap to run.

The 1.25 or 1.4 litre choice engines are perfectly adequate for a learner driver. If you are looking at buying a 2013 version onwards, the 1.0 litre EcoBoost is a good choice.

Electric front windows and remote central locking make it a simpler car to look after for a learner driver. The inside of the Ford Fiesta is well designed, easy to use for a learner driver. There’s plenty of space, enough for a tall driver to sit comfortably with some seat adjustment.


Vauxhall Corsa (2006-2014)

The Vauxhall Corsa is one of the most popular cars for driving schools, so it makes sense that it’s one of our top picks for learner drivers. Cheap to run and easy to drive, the Corsa really works at simplifying the learning process for the driver. The space inside the Corsa is good in the front for the driver and passenger

One of the main reasons that the Vauxhall Corsa is so affordable is that the standard models are quite basic. This is perfect for a learner driver, as the requirements are more simplicity and practicality.

A used Vauxhall Corsa makes sense as a purchase for a learner driver as the value seems to hold due to its popularity. Some people have commented on the uncomfortable longer haul journeys with the Corsa due to suspension drops, however, as a learner driver, the fact it’s easy to drive and handles well as a city car is really all that you need to consider. A 1.2 litre version is perfect for a learner driver, and keeps the fuel economy and insurance costs down.


Volkswagen W UP (2012-)

The economical Volkswagen UP and its compact design make it a great car for learner drivers. As with all of the cars in this article, the VW UP is easy to drive, and cheap to run. The Volkswagen UP comes with a 1.0 litre petrol engine as standard, an economical choice for a learner driver which will also bring down your fuel and insurance costs.

There is plenty of room inside to make the driver feel comfortable when practicing their driving. Everything inside has been designed with a real Volkswagen quality, everything in reach and put together really well.

For a learner driver, the gear changes feel smooth on the Volkswagen and the steering light. You also get great visibility because of the way the driving position is designed. The driver can move their way around new roads with easy because of the cars narrow size.



Skoda Fabia (2007-2014)

The Skoda Fabia is an affordable fun car for learner drivers. A safe and reliable choice, the Skoda Fabia 1.2 litre engine is perfectly suitable for someone learning to drive. Despite the size of the engine the Fabia kicks out some impressive power.

The gear shift is easy making it very easy to move around town or practice areas on country roads. For a learner driver the cheapest version to run is the 2010 2.1 litre version which averages about 54.3mpg.

Standard equipment on the most basic Skoda Fabia’s include electric front windows, central locking, MPS connection, folding rear seats and more than 2 airbags.

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