Top 5 Affordable Future Classic Cars

Classic car ownership is no longer the preserve of the well afforded in post-war British roadsters.

For as little as £1000 you could buy, insure, and tax a future classic that will give you smiles on weekend drives and enthusiastic comments from other motorists.

Classic car insurance is available on all cars over 15 years old. Assuming you have a main car for commuting and will do limited mileage, you can find comprehensive cover from just £100.

While my suggestions may stretch the imagination to be called a classic now they are all available over 15years in age and will grow into their roles as vintage motors.


The Super Mini – Audi A2

A car ahead of its time, the A2 TDI took the crown of lowest drag coefficient vehicle from the long term holder, the Vauxhall Calibra. Constructed from aluminium, it set new low records in emissions and MPG. Due to considerable design and build costs, Audi lost an estimated £4000 on everyone sold. Its quirky looks and revolutionary efficiency mean I think it will be a shoo-in as a future classic.

Prices start from £500



The Hot Hatch – Volkswagen Golf Gti Mk4

Perhaps the least loved incarnation of the iconic Gti. The Mk4’s performance was hampered by its weight. Nevertheless, it’s a very solid car with decent reliability. I’m certain this ducklings prices are at rock bottom and will slowly creep up in years to come. Avoid modified examples, there are plenty of well looked after specimens out there.

Prices start from £300



The Saloon – Lexus IS200

It might be hard to imagine this Japanese executive saloon as a classic but bear with me. The IS200 design has aged much better than its larger siblings. Their straight six engines can faultlessly notch up interstellar mileage. For me it’s the C-Class Mercedes should of made. Brand airs and graces dictate the prices are below the equivalent German offerings. I’m confident these cars will have a loyal following long into the future.

Prices start from £500


The Roadster – BMW Z3

First appearing in a Bond movie the Z3 sold out before it even hit the roads. It’s a quintessential roadster which will age well and always be attractive to buyers. Prices are without doubt at the bottom of the curve now. The larger 6 cylinder models have flared arches and twin exhausts, which make for a meaner looking car. All models offer a spirited drive, which is great for sunny weekends or even club level motor racing events if the feeling takes you.

Prices start from £1200


The 4X4 – Land Rover Freelander

No one could accuse the early Freelanders of being the most reliable or capable 4x4s. But Land Rover’s previous designs have proved timeless and I doubt the Freelander will break from tradition. Will there be problems? Of course it’s a Land Rover, but there will also be a dozen anoraks on a forum who will gladly help you fix it. Owning a Land Rover enters you into a wider community, it isn’t just another car, it’s a mainstay of the British countryside.

Prices start from £300