What’s The Best Used Hot Hatchback?

Hot hatches put powerful engines and sports suspension in a small car, making them incredibly fun to drive. With decent fuel efficiency, they let you have a performance car that’s also suitable for day to day driving.

VW Golf GTI (2013-)

The 2013 Golf GTI is the seventh generation of this classic hot hatch. Its 2.0-litre turbocharged TSI engine, although the same size as the engine in the Mk6, is 10bhp more powerful and has improved fuel economy.

It delivers an impressive 217bhp, which’ll make short work of the 0-62mph dash in 6.6 seconds. There’s also the option to opt for the Performance Pack which’ll add another 10bhp.

As mentioned, the Mk7 is more economical than previous models, which is in part thanks to the fact that it’s 42kg lighter than the earlier GTI. With efficiency ratings of 47.1mpg, 139 g/km CO2 emissions and stop start technology as standard, this is a car that’s genuinely usable every day despite its high performance levels. Add in the 380-litre boot, and this is a vehicle that’s as at home doing the weekly shop as racing around a track.

It’s a comfortable car to be in, with loads of driver adjustment ensuring you’ll find the perfect driving position, space for four adults and features such as climate control, DAB radio and a touch screen infotainment system coming as standard. There’re some sporty touches to the interior to set it apart from the regular GTI, such as tartan sports seats, red stitching and GTI badges. Overall, the interior has a slightly classier feel to it than many rivals in its class, making the Golf GTI a favourite choice for many in the market for a used hot hatch.

Ford Fiesta ST (2013-)

This is the sixth generation of the Ford Fiesta, beefed up with ST tuning. With plenty available on the used market, it’s a car that’s designed to offer a fun driving experience with low running costs.

That fun comes from a 1.6-litre EcoBoost engine which packs in 179bhp, with the option to boost that by 32bhp if you find one that’s had the optional performance upgrade. In standard form, though, it’ll complete 0-62mph in 6.9 seconds.

ST-specific amendments include features such as sports suspension and improved brakes, whilst the exterior styling is similar to the Focus ST, with sports body kit and twin exhausts.

Inside, sporty touches come from the sports seats, ST badging, alloy pedals and a racing gear stick. At entry level, you’ll also get regular features like air conditioning and Bluetooth connectivity. The interior generally isn’t too dissimilar from the normal Fiesta, meaning it’s spacious, functional and very comfortable. You’ll get a 290-litre boot in the ST, so it’s relatively practical. However, like many hot hatchbacks it’s only available with three doors, so getting in to the rear seats can be a bit tricky for larger adults.

With a claimed mileage of 47.9mpg, it’s certainly reasonable to run day to day, but is capable of fantastic performance when you want it.

Peugeot 208 GTI (2013-)

The 208 GTI was Peugeot’s most powerful hot hatch when this 2013 model came out, which has now been slightly improved to 205bhp in the 2017 model.

The 2013 car has a 1.6-litre turbocharged engine which’ll sprint through 0-62mph in 6.8 seconds. Despite the impressive performance, you’ll still get 47.9mpg from the 208, meaning it’s a pretty sensible choice for everyday driving too.

Whilst the regular 208 is available as a five door option, GTI spec is limited to three doors. For that payoff, though, you get a sleek and sporty profile, and two adults could still fit comfily in the back. Further GTI-specific exterior features include LED headlights, dual exhausts, tuned suspension and a lowered body, although the distinctions from the 208 are relatively subtle.

Inside, you’ll find a well-refined and comfortable cabin, which has red detailing and GTI badges to set it apart from the usual 208. Entry level trim includes DAB radio and a functional touchscreen infotainment system, as well as 17-inch alloy wheels and a rear spoiler.

Finally, there’s enough room for the weekly shop in the 285-litre boot!

Mercedes A45 AMG (2013-)

This is the first hot hatch ever made by Mercedes’ AMG division, and although it’s pricier than the other cars listed here, the A45 AMG offers monstrous levels of performance, as well as the prestige, luxury and quality of the Mercedes brand.

We’ll start with the most impressive bit: 0-62mph is dispatched in 4.6 seconds. This remarkable speed comes courtesy of the 2.0-litre turbocharged engine, which is individually handmade by one technician and delivers 355bhp, leaving the other hot hatches listed here in the dust. You’ll still get 40.9mpg, so despite that power, you’re not going to be spending too long at the pumps.

The interior is of the quality and comfort you’d expect from Mercedes, with standard features on entry level trim including a 5.8 inch screen, DAB radio, USB connectivity and climate control. AMG styling includes red highlights on the vents and stitching, sports seats and a carbon fibre dashboard.

With a 341-litre boot, it’s a practical car too.

That’s the great thing about all of the hot hatchbacks listed here – they combine the ability to have a car that’s genuinely sensible to drive day to day with impressive levels of performance. There’s fantastic variations of all of these hot hatchbacks available on Carsnip right now, so find the perfect used car today!