10 Forgotten Movie Cars

Some great movies with some equally awesome motors and chase sequences - as they are often blurring past your screen here are 10 of the best forgotten movie cars

Peugeot 406 - Ronin

Peugeot 406 – Ronin

Everyone remembers this movie for the Audi S8, but the humble Peugeot steals all the best chase scenes as it races after a BMW 5 series through the streets of Paris driven by Robert De Niro.


Mitsubishi Starion

Mitsubishi Starion – Cannonball Run 2

Driven by Jackie Chan and Richard Kiel;
We first see the Starion dropping out an airplane on the highway. It’s jammed full of electronic wizardry; it can levitate, go underwater, and has rocket boosters. It’s basically KITT from Knight Rider without the backchat.


Mercedes-Benz W108 - The Driver

Mercedes-Benz W108 – The Driver

Ryan O’Neal proves he can drive by destroying an innocent Mercedes in a car park – well it was a beauty beforehand!


Pontiac Ventura

Pontiac Ventura – The Seven-Ups

This lengthy chase shows American suspension at its best as it bounces and undulates along New York streets. Roy Schneider’s Pontiac Ventura pursues stunt driver Bill Hickman’s Pontiac Grand Ville to an unexpected end.



BMW 635CSI – Innerspace

Driven by the scary bionic-armed Mr. Igoe, the shark-nosed BMW is the perfect villain’s car. Just the thing to chase down a scientist on a bike.


Holden HQ Monaro - Mad Max

Holden HQ Monaro – Mad Max

Seen in the opening chase scene of the classic Australian road movie, it doesn’t last long but the Night Rider’s stolen Holden is almost every bit as mean as Max’s Ford Falcon.


Ford Capri – Brannigan

John Wayne chasing an S-Type Jaguar through the streets of London in a bright yellow Mk2 Capri and jumping Tower Bridge. Yes, you did read that correctly, in fact take a look!


Cadillac Seville STS

Cadillac Seville STS – Get Carter

Sylvester Stallone’s Cadillac was chased through the streets by a XJ12 Jaguar. The best part of an otherwise unremarkable remake.


Rig 281

Peterbilt 281 – Duel

This mean looking rig is the star villain in Steven Spielberg’s first feature film as it frighteningly stalks a Plymouth Valiant through the California desert. (Huge Killer Rigs not for sale on Carsnip!)

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