​Best Small Automatic Cars

Some drivers prefer to drive an automatic car. We look at the best used small automatic cars out there which still manage to deliver on power.

Ford Fiesta (2014-)

The automatic Ford Fiesta comes with an EcoBoost engine, making it an economical choice for a small automatic car. The Ford Fiesta is quiet and smooth, but nippy when you’re trying to navigate your way around city traffic. The Fiesta doesn’t lose any power with the automatic engine, as it goes from 0-60 mph in the same time as the manual version.

The steering is nicely responsive, which means it handles sharply around corners and responds when needed in stop start traffic. There is a choice of 3 or 5 doors with the Ford Fiesta, and you can comfortably fit 4 adult passengers.

MINI Cooper (2015-)

The MINI Cooper automatic shifts quickly and smoothly. The 1.5 litre version has a good mix of both performance and running costs. Fitted with a six-speed automatic gearbox, this works well with the engine for smooth gear changes. The five-door model provides more rear space and a bigger boot, while retaining the retro charm and agile handling that have made the MINI Cooper so popular

The MINI Cooper automatic feels quick, nice light steering and excellent handling. You can choose from a range of driving styles with the MINI Cooper which makes it even more fun and easy to drive.

The MINI Cooper automatic is comfortable on long journeys, which is something that has been improved upon from previous versions. If you opt for the 5 door version, you also get an additional 50 litres of boot space and additional space for your passengers. The thing that excites most drivers about the MINI Cooper automatic is of course the retro design. Inside the car, this does not disappoint with the retro rev counter and display.

Volkswagen Polo (2010-)

The Volkswagen Polo is a strong all rounder and the automatic version is a good purchase is you’re looking for a an easy comfortable small automatic car. The Volkswagen Polo has a great amount of space for its size, with a decent boot space as well.

Following on in the footsteps of other Volkswagen cars, the whole car feels well built and there’s a good amount of equipment as standard across trim levels. The Polo is an easy and comfortable small automatic to drive. Engines are economical, and the automatic version is smooth, and responsive. You pay a little bit more than other small automatics with the Volkswagen Polo, but you get the desirable Volkswagen badge and excellent build quality.

Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2014-)

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid is a practical safe small automatic option, with a decent amount of space for both passengers and luggage. The small car does offer incredibly cheap running costs – particularly the Hybrid model that’s ideally suited to stop-start traffic in city centres.

City drivers in London will be happy to hear that the Toyota Yaris Hybrid is one of the only non-fully electric cars that is exempt from the London Congestion Charge. For a hybrid this car has no problems accelerating on the motorway either, the sound gets a bit loud at these top speeds though.

Interior space is adequate for 4 adults, Everything inside the car is easy to reach and well placed. There is a good amount of boot space, and the rear seats are 60/40 split for additional space. The Toyota Yaris Hybrid has a huge glass roof, which makes the cabin feel light and airy .

Audi A1 (2014-)

The Audi A1 is a premium small automatic, offered in both three door and five-door styles. As standard, the Audi A1 comes with a high quality interior, and the DSG automatic gearbox runs smoothly.

The Audi A1 is a very popular small car, and you can see why, with Audi offering the same build quality and high-tech features as it does on their bigger models. Seen as more of a luxury small automatic car choice, you will find it hard to find a good deal for the Audi A1 automatic. This car holds its value well, but you know you are paying for quality.

Hyundai i10 (2013-)

If you want to find a compact car, that is easy to run, the Hyundai i10 is an ideal purchase. It comes with an automatic gearbox as standard, which does make it slightly more expensive to run as the fuel economy drops and makes it slower than a manual version.

The automatic Hyundai i10 feels smooth to drive, the brakes are light and easy to control in city traffic. There are many options for adjusting the seat and steering wheel, which means you get a good driving position. Impressive amount of space such a small car. Perfect for city driving and fitting into tight spaces. Practical, affordable and cheap to run – but not the most exciting small automatic car out there.

Renault Clio (2016-)

The Renault Clio comes with an automatic gearbox as standard. The Clio is one of the smallest cars from the Renault collection, but hugely popular for its striking looks and impressive fuel efficiency.

Boasting bags of space, the Renault Clio is one of the only small cars which you can comfortable sit 3 adults in the back for a long journey. The storage compartments around the inside of the car are also very handy for storing items. The 1.5 litre diesel version is going to be the quietest version of the automatic Clio, but the Clio is generally considered one of the quieter hatchbacks on the market.

In terms of infotainment, you need to step up to the ‘Dynamique’ model for an easy to use touchscreen, but it is well worth it. The overall dashboard design is very clean and modern, but does feel a bit plastic compared to other small automatic cars.

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