Which VW Golf For Me?

One of the most desirable cars on sale today is the Volkswagen Golf. But which VW Golf is best for you?

What’s The Best Golf For You?

One of the most desirable cars on sale today is the Volkswagen Golf. It exudes a classless, sophisticated image. There are not many motors that can claim to look like they belong in just about any location – but the Volkswagen Golf is one of them. There are however, many, many combinations that a Golf can come in, so we’re going to help decipher that a little with this handy guide.

Petrol or Diesel?

Depending on the number of miles you travel, you might not be going far enough to reap the benefits of a diesel engine. Furthermore, if you’re somebody who makes frequent short journeys, diesel could prove to be the wrong choice altogether. A happy compromise may come in the form of VW’s excellent 1.5-litre TSI EVO petrol engine, this returns an easy 40mpg+ and is cheaper to buy than a diesel engine. We say if you’re doing under 13,000-miles a year, this is the sensible choice for a Golf.

Trim Levels

There are currently 11 different trim levels available for the VW Golf, and do keep in mind there’s often the option of a DSG automatic gearbox to go with these cars, too.

VW Golf rear view in blue

Golf S

Probably the trim level that makes the least sense to buy due to its lack of residual value and equipment. A very basic model – but you still get Bluetooth and DAB.

Golf SE

Where the Golf really starts to get appealing, this is the true ‘entry-level’ for most buyers. Front and rear parking sensors and handy adaptive cruise control are included on this model, there’s also automatic lights and wipers.

SE Navigation

As above, but fitted with a satellite navigation system and automatic emergency braking to sweeten the deal.

VW Golf dashboard


The best thing about the GT model is that the attractive 1.5-litre TSI EVO engine comes in at this level, which is one of the best engines for the car. Ambient lighting inside is a little luxurious touch.


R-Line is the standard Golf putting on a short-skirt. It is a sporty styled version of a normal Golf with a couple of extras thrown in on top – stainless steel pedals and R-Line sporty seats for example.

VW Golf front view in blue


The first of the ‘GT’ cars – the GTD is the diesel version and it packs a powerful 184ps 2.0-litre diesel engine under the bonnet. This delivers impressive performance and economy figures. Just keep in mind that you can’t have both when it comes to driving.


The GTI is a historic performance model in the world of motoring, and the powerful 2.0-litre petrol engine makes sure the driver always has enough clout on tap for a truly exciting ride. A great name in motoring history, and a top car to drive.


The GTE is the newest of the ‘GT’ cars in the Golf line-up. It uses a petrol engine and electric motors to produce a powerful yet efficient car. VW claims it’ll do over 160mpg, but if you can do that we will give you a big shiny medal. This is best thought of as a powerful eco-car rather than a performance model like the GTI.

VW Golf clutch

GTE Advance

A rather needless addition to the Golf range which is just a GTE with extra toys thrown in on top.

Golf E

When you take away all forms of combustion engine you get the e-Golf – an all-electric Golf that only uses the power of the blue spiky stuff to get you from A to B.

Golf R

‘R’ is the Golf turned up to 11. Full-fat, no holds-barred, all-out performance.310ps on tap, and a nifty 4WD system to help you put it all down onto the tarmac. A serious car for serious drivers.

The verdict, from Carsnip’s Editorial Chief, Tim Barnes-Clay:

I had two Golfs. One was a D reg 1.6CL and the other was an F reg 8-valve Golf GTI. I loved them. And I want an R now. Forget electric and go ‘full fat’. That’s my opinion – but you don’t need to take notice of it!

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